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Wellness Foundations - 4 Week Workshop Series

Health. One word, yet so many (seemingly endless) interpretations.

Today, with so many different practitioners all with different “approaches”, along with the rise of social media and our forgotten backgrounds, nutrition and health have become so ridiculously confusing that even us qualified practitioners have questioned what’s going on! So I wouldn't be surprised if you’re at the point now where you’re ready to throw your hands up in defeat and exclaim, “I’ve tried everything and nothing works!”.

This is something I’ve heard all too often.

The great news is though, there’s actually so much more we CAN do, and it starts with going back to the beginning and “building” a more wholesome, nourishing and sustainable FOUNDATION.

From our thoughts/perceptions and background on health, to what your every day looks like and learning how to actually understand your symptoms, we’re going back to basics and re-learning what “healthy” means, for YOU!

No more fads and “quick-fixes”, these workshops are designed to give you better understanding of what “healthy” looks like (for you, specifically), and learning how to create a more wholesome, nourishing every day living that’s affordable and enjoyable!

It all comes down to a little “know-how”.

The Wellness Foundations 4 week workshop series will cover topics to set you up for a more effective and personalised “approach” to your health, along with resources and BONUS EXTRAS to introduce you to the blossoming world of wellness.



You’ve already “tried everything” for your health and only gotten so far

You’re still experiencing symptoms after being told they’re “normal”

You’ve spent countless amounts of money on treatments, programs, gym memberships, supplements,
organic foods and wondered if any of it made any difference

You’re interested in actually getting to the bottom of your symptoms, but aren’t sure if seeing ANOTHER specialist will actually help

You think “being healthy” is expensive

You think you don’t have time to look after yourself

Or you’re simply interested to learn more! (And trust me, there’s always more to learn!)

The workshops will also be fantastic for your teenage daughter, niece or cousin too - Anyone 17 years or younger is welcome to attend, complimentary with your ticket purchase!

The WELLNESS FOUNDATIONS workshops have been designed over a four week series so as to really focus on each particular starting point.

Although they initially seem like quite simple topics, the specifics and the actual “walking the walk” of them is far more in depth (and personalised!). So by delving further into the layers of nutrition and health, we can really start to form a more wholesome and nourishing understanding for ourselves.


WEEK 1 is all about FOOD FOR THOUGHT - How do you approach health?

WEEK 2 is an introduction to learning how to better understand your body: HOW HAVE YOU BEEN FEELING LATELY?

WEEK 3 WHAT’S IN YOUR SHOPING TROLLEY? and how this significantly either blossoms our health or feeds our ill-health.

WEEK 4 is putting it all into practice: YOU & THE WHOLE PICTURE

Each week is designed to build onto each other, growing your knowledge, getting clear on what “healthy” actually means for you and creating sustainability.

You are welcome to attend all of the events (this is how you’ll get the full benefit!), or you can also attend 1 or 2.


There’s over $50 worth of EXTRAS available with each ticket purchase, and over $150 worth of EXTRAS when you purchase tickets for all 4 workshops!


$20 Nutrition voucher with each ticket purchase that can be used for your Nutritional Medicine appointments

5 appointments worth of introductory content in the Whole Nourishment Welcome Pack to get the most out of your wellness, valued at over $600

$20 Massage voucher with Lesley from Holistically Healthy with every ticket purchase

Beautiful, Naturopathic-formulated loose leaf tea samples from Ruby and Honeybee Tea

The most delicious (in my opinion) Superfood Bar samples from At One Foods PLUS a 10% off voucher to purchase their full boxes

2 x 45 minute Personal Training sessions with Jodee from the 8 Week Body Boost when you purchase all 4 workshops.

PLUS, you also have the opportunity to enjoy a FREE 3 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION to FMTV with The Wellness Foundations Introductory Program.

These BONUS EXTRAS are absolutely unreal! They’re such good quality and full of value, so I’m sure you’ll definitely enjoy them!

There’s also the fantastic opportunity to save $90 on The Wellness Foundations Introductory Program, which runs for 6 months, when you purchase all 4 workshops!

The WELLNESS FOUNDATIONS 4-Week Workshop Series are that fantastic (proper) re-start for you to learn how to live a more wholesome, nourishing life every day!

Tickets are:


$30 each

You and a Friend

$50 for Two (Enter Promotional Code 2FOR50)

Workshop Series

$90 (Includes one event FREE)


Each workshop is up to 45 minutes