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Wellness Appointments

About Your Wellness Appointments

Whole Nourishment specialises in both wellness education and clinical nutrition. We have tailored our appointments to best suit your needs, with appointments for either your general, every day health, or appointments to assist specific symptoms.

Our wellness appointments are focused on a series of particular topics, which Sara has found to be some of the vital foundations to our well-being. They are also tailored specifically for you, with the beginning appointments focused on your current health 'status' and medical history.

Your wellness appointments include the following topics:

Appointment 1 - Your Medical History and Initial Recommendations

Appointment 2 - Follow Up and Adjustments

Appointment 3 - What's In Your Shopping Trolley: Part 1? Learn how to read and decipher food labels PLUS Follow Up

Appointment 4 - What's In Your Shopping Trolley: Part 2? Cosmetics PLUS Follow Up

Appointment 5 - Whats In Your Shopping Trolley: Part 3? Household Products PLUS Follow up

Appointment 6 - Your Everyday: Setting you up for better understanding of your own wellness and sustainability

Your 6 appointments are offered over 5 months (or adjustable for you), and are designed to reduce health confusion, create better understanding of your own health and support sustainable wellness (no "quick-fixes" and wasted money here!).

Above all else, your experience and sense of value is our top priority for your appointments. There is currently a lot of information about what are the "right" and "wrong" things do for your health, however there is SO MUCH MORE to wellness than what is currently being portrayed - it is Sara's passion and priority to show you this, encourage your learning and support you to live a more wholesome and nourishing life!

To get started, we have our complimentary Welcome Packs that are a fantastic introduction to your appointments. It is valued at over $600 and includes 3 thought provoking, back-to-basics, actionable resources that inspire you and provide Sara with extra information from you to get the most out of your 6 appointments.

Also, if you haven't joined us already over on our Facebook and Instagram pages, then please do! Sara shares a lot of insightful and helpful information regularly, which really helps you to get even more out of your appointments! Join us via the icons below!

Appointment Details


$120 per appointment


Private health rebates are available depending on your extras cover


Nourish E-Book and Welcome Pack


Each appointment is up to 1 hour

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