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Privacy Policy

Whole Nourishment Privacy Policy (as at 9th March 2017).

Whole Nourishment (ie. Sara Andrew - Owner/Operator/Practitioner) uses your personal details (ie. name and email address) for the purposes of delivering Nutrition and wellness information to you (based on your signing up), and to make personal contact with you from Sara (or authorized persons) for further discussions at your discretion (ie. if contact is made from Sara to you and you do not wish to communicate directly, please respond to that email by simply requesting that we do not contact you personally).

We (Whole Nourishment/Sara Andrew) does not sell or distribute your information to other entities. If in the event another relevant (ie. Nutrition/Health/Wellness related) entity asks for your contact details, your permission will be forefront.

We track your interaction with Mail Chimp delivered emails (ie. The Goodness Mail, update and/or group information/announcements) for the purpose of delivering information to you based on your interests.

You have the right to manage (ie. change or delete) your subscription from Whole Nourishment at any time. In the event where no link is provided to do this, please respond to your latest email (or to make your request.

Your listed name and email address are stored via Mail Chimp (view their Privacy Policy here) if you signed up via The Goodness Mail, and/or via a password protected laptop if communication has occurred directly to and from or

It is our (Whole Nourishment/Sara Andrew) priority to ensure privacy of your details to the best of our ability (ie. limited persons access - Sara Andrew, password access to both laptop and Mail Chimp). If you do not feel comfortable with your information being available in these formats, you are welcome to unsubscribe or contact Sara to request removal of your details.

For complaints, please contact Sara in written form at outlining your complaint and how you would like the issue to be resolved. Complaints will be handled with discretion and will only be discussed with a third party for the purposes of a mutual resolution between you and Whole Nourishment/Sara Andrew.

Whole Nourishment details -

Owner/Operator/Practitioner - Sara Andrew
Ph. 0407 624 938
Mail. PO BOX 671 Bribie Island QLD 4507