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Nutritional Medicine Appointments

About Your Appointments

Sara specialises in Nutritional Medicine, which is the clinical/biochemical application of what you eat to support health. Appointments are recommended for people experiencing symptoms such as fatigue/malaise, headaches/migraines, gut dysfunction, reproductive irregularities, menopausal and hormonal symptoms, thyroid conditions, autoimmune conditions, stress, anxiety and for general health and every day eating guidance.

To begin, we will look at which areas of your health need the most support and make some recommendations accordingly. This could involve Nutritional (ie. Food as Medicine) recommendations, therapeutic-grade supplements or a combination of the two.

Your follow up appointments are then each tailored to your needs at that time. Typically, we review any areas of your medical history needing an extra focus, including obtaining any necessary tests, while continuing to make nutritional recommendations/adjustments to best suit you.

“ Nutrition is the foundation of both our health and ill-health. You can literally either contribute to illness or fuel wellness depending on what you choose to eat. ”

If you are unsure how nutrition can help you, please feel welcome to ask your questions by visiting our Contact Us page!

Appointment Details


$120 per appointment


Private health rebates are available depending on your extras cover


Each appointment is up to 1 hour

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